Charles Kent MD | 3301 Thomasville Rd | Ste 102 | Tallahassee Fl, 32308 

Varicose Veins

Dr. Kent is part owner of Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic. He and his business partner, Linda Schank, have treated varicose veins in Tallahassee since 1998, and decided to move the Clinic into the Practice space in August, 2013. Those wishing to explore treatment of varicose and spider veins may schedule appointments by calling (850) 561-8346.

Female Visits

Dr. Kent treats a full range of gynecological problems. However, he realizes that some women feel uncomfortable with a male doctor performing their exam. He is not offended by patients seeking gynecological care elsewhere while continuing to see him for their other needs.

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About the Practice


Dr. Kent is happy to treat patients for their allergies alone and there is no need to change Primary care physicians or become a permanent patient.

Dr. Kent uses AllergiMed for testing and therapy for allergies. This approach to allergy therapy has been used in Europe for many years with great success, but is relatively new in the United States. It is geared to the Family Practitioner, and uses no needles for testing or therapy.

Cassettes containing small amounts of 70 allergens in liquid form are placed on the patients back for 20 minutes. The doctor then checks for skin reactions to the allergens. The patient is given the results to take home.

Therapy consists of drops placed under the tongue twice a day. Over a period of time, the patient becomes desensitized to the allergen, and will no longer have an allergic reaction to it. Unlike allergy injections, there is no danger of anaphylaxis using the drops. The drops have a sweet taste, which helps with compliance in children. We tell patients to to place the drops next to their toothbrush for ease in remembering the morning and night doses.

Dr. Kent practices family medicine, serving patients ages 6 and older. He emphasizes prevention and wellness, and has particular interests in diabetes, allergies, and varicose veins, but his practice is by no means limited to these.


Skin Lesions

Dr. Kent has considerable experience with skin repairs and removing both benign and cancerous skin lesions. While some family practitioners refer excisions to the dermatologist, Dr. Kent is able to do them in his office with excellent results. He makes referrals when more extensive treatment is required.


Dr. Kent and many of his past patients have participated in clinical studies for several diabetic drugs over the years. He holds the distinction of being recognized as a Diabetes Master Clinician by the Florida Academy of Family Physicians since 2004. While most of his diabetic patients have Type ll Diabetes, he also treats Type l Diabetic patients.